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Workers Comp

As required by state statutes, it is important to keep your employees protected in the event of an injury that leaves them unable to pay for medical bills or any other expenses that will arise in the future.


Features & Benefits:

  • Low rates available in all states
  • Carriers Rated A+ XV by AM Best
  • Coverage available for all states
  • Instant rates for your prospective business
  • Rates dependant upon individual loss history and size of the account


Here at StaffingInsured, our workers’ compensation insurance policies will also give you the peace of mind that your company and its assets are protected when civil suits do arise from personal injury cases. Here is a look at some of the benefits of these policies and how they could allow you and your company avoid an expensive and time-consuming legal battle.

All states throughout the country require companies in a wide variety of industries to maintain financial responsibility or insurance for workers’ compensation. When workers are injured on the job or throughout the course of their duty, they are often awarded with compensation for medical bills and lost wages. The company is responsible for these costs up to a point, and this is especially important for staffing companies. These funds will allow the worker to seek out the medical assistance that they need in a quick and affordable manner.

StaffingInsured also offers affordable employer’s liability insurance in all states with a number of A+ XV rated carriers. This insurance will help to compensate for some or all of the costs in the case of a civil trial in which your company is the defendant. This type of coverage will also allow you to protect your assets while still receiving unparalleled legal assistance for a civil trial or during out of court mediation.

For companies that hesitate to find the workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance that they need, every single day is a risk that could put the business and its employees in jeopardy. Here at StaffingInsured, we understand just how many choices there are for staffing insurance, and that is why our experienced representatives are ready to help you find the coverage that you need at prices that will fit any budget. Feel free to contact us today to discuss which of our policies may be right for you.



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